Schess Battle Royal
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Let's start off with some introductions, shall we?

We are a group of friends who decided to get together one weekend for a 48 hour game jam to make chess battle royale. As you can see by the existence of this repo in the first place, we clearly succeeded (to some extent anyway). Chess battle royale is a fresh take on the tried and true family friendly (and friendship ending) household board game. I'll give you the run down. Once you open the game, you can join a lobby with up to (tbd) other people, after which you will all be placed around a massive chess board. You'll quickly realize that you have a square of chess pieces rather than the 8x2 rectangle. Your objective is to protect your king at all costs while trying to eliminate the kings of each opponent. That's the basic gist of it. Pieces have move limits and everyone lines up moves that all happen at the same time, but besides that, the rest is going to be a surprise for when you get in game (and totally not just because I'm too lazy to entirely describe every rule and feature of the game :P)

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our passion project. Feedback is always greatly appreciated, and hopefully we'll be able to iterate and improve on this game until it exceeds even our original expectations. Good luck and have fun!

Kristian Mischke

Lead Programmer

Alec McNamara


Steven Laczko

Programmer & 3D Modeller

Jamie Curry

Sounds & Music